The result is a collection of photos narrating your love story and imagery you can feel in your bones. 

My services are rooted in the messy, heartfelt, organic moments. 

I firmly believe in the art of storytelling.

Hi, I'm Michelle : two of my greatest joys in life are connecting with new people and traveling to new places, and my job has allowed me to do just that. I’ve been documenting love stories since 2013. Much of life consists of listening to people’s stories, but as a photographer, I have the privilege of telling them as well.


I specialize in creative imagery for those in love but my services do not end there.

As memories become blurry, we can turn to photographs to transport us back to that very moment and revive the emotions we felt during that time. I’m a firm believer in capturing feelings that are translated into photos.

pathway to memories.
Photos are a
Time: 7:03 PM
Date: 10/19/24

It’s 7:03 pm and the sun is setting. We take a stroll to the neighborhood playground and swing until our silhouettes fade away and stars begin to fill the sky. 

The smell of fire is in the air.

The leaves are changing colors.

Swinging under the stars
Time 9:00 PM
Date: 08/02/24

We fill the trunk of the car with pillows and blankets and grab our favorite snacks. We park right in the center of the drive in and get cozy as the sounds of the previews fills our ears.  

It’s a cool summer night.

Grease is playing at the drive in movie theater.

Movie at the Drive-in
Time: 3:30 PM
Date 04/08/24

The sunshine peaking through the clouds and warming our faces. We hop on our bicycles, picnic basket in hand, and head for the park. We share a bottle of wine as the melodies of the live music wash over us.   

A light cool breeze.

The smell of fresh flowers in bloom.

Spring has arrived.

Picnic in the Park
Time:  6:45 PM
Date:  01/20/24

We’re inside making ginger bread cookies at the cabin. There’s flour all over the kitchen. A flour fight breaks out and we end up lying on the ground laughing so hard our stomach hurts.

Snow is falling.

It’s 30 degrees outside.

Snow day at the cabin

Moments that display the power of storytelling and acting as inspiration to bring your visions to life.

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